4 Ways to Monetise Your Blog

Is your blog reaching a growing audience? Do you want to convert your traffic into revenue? Here are 4 ways you can make money from your blog.


  1. On-page Adverts – This one is obvious, use Google Adsense to display ads on your site. Google makes it as easy as possible to implement, you simply need an Adsense account. Check it out here. You’ll need a significant readership to make good money this way though, and more people than ever are using an ad-blocker. Still, this is a long-standing method that will always remain relevant, but it is one I never plan to utilize on this particular website.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is where you receive a commission if your recommendation of a product leads to a sale through the customer clicking on your link. This is an important and relevant way to monetize a blog, it doesn’t have to be a shady “Doctor’s hate him!” scheme. You can even earn a commission from Amazon sales. You should only be an affiliate for products that you actually like and use yourself. If you are recommending something you have never used, it comes across extremely poorly and shows you are more interested in using your readers than the quality of content you provide. Many companies will have an affiliate program to sign up for, but you can also access wider marketplaces to view a range of products. Here are some affiliate places to check out:
    CJ Affiliates
    You should only promote products that will appeal to your audience, if you choose to promote something purely because it has high commission it will end badly!

    CJ Affiliates has a large list of advertisers in every niche which you can earn a commission from

  3. Make Your Own Product – If you have a large email list and committed readership, why not create your own product to sell? This could be anything you think would sell, but an e-book is a good start. You can create or customize a professional e-book cover completely free at Canva. Write a detailed book that expands on what your blog teaches, with some exclusive content that can’t be found for free. Price it reasonably then email it out and promote it on your site. If your readers are impressed with your content, they’ll definitely be interested in what you can offer them!
  4. Get Paid to Blog – This one requires you to be fairly experienced in writing. You will need to be able to write in perfect English, anything less is simply unacceptable for paid writers. Check out paid blogging sites and use your own blog as your application – a perfect portfolio of your work! A professional and well-read site is the perfect way to showcase that you are worthy of being paid to write for somebody else. Below are some sites that advertise paid writing jobs:
    Allfreelancewriting.com Remember, this is a very competitive marketplace and you will have to stand out to be considered for a role.




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