How To Write Killer Product Descriptions For Your Online Store

How To Write Killer Product Descriptions For Your Online Store

Writing product descriptions is an extremely important but often frustrating aspect of running an online store. It can be difficult to write about a product without using filler and lots of superlatives. How can you write a product description which not only accurately describes your product but also sells it? Follow the tips below, learn how to write product descriptions and your online store will reach the next level and increase your sales potential!

Focus on Benefits

You need to talk about the features of the product in its product description, but also divulge the benefits to the customer from these features.

For example, for this wooden cabinet:

product descriptions


“...with a hand-polished wooden finish that ensures long term shine and durability

This shows a feature followed by the benefit of said feature. This product sounds of high quality and it doesn’t even exist! Make sure to format all your products features in this style. Avoid bland superlatives, such as “outstanding quality!” Your reader is tired of reading descriptions like that! Make sure the use of these words is justified, and not just filler to increase your word count. Customers want to know how you will solve their problems with your products.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points allow potential customers to scan your product descriptions. Think about the last time you searched for something when you were online shopping. Did you sit there and read the descriptions in their entirety? Probably not, you likely just scanned over it. Bullet points allow you to emphasise the main points in a streamlined manner. You shouldn’t write in just bullet points though, write your full description and have a list of bullet points at the end summarising the main points and features.

Speak to Your Buyer

Imagine you have the person in the room with you. Communicate as if you are having a conversation with them about the product. People want genuine insight into products, not a generic sales pitch. Write in first person, using words like “our” to communicate that it is your product and you are proud to be able to sell it to them. Appeal to their imagination when you can, create the idea of a “perfect day” where this product is involved.

For example, let’s imagine we’re writing about a boat:

product descriptions

…Speed along crystal clear water with the zippy 100hp engine and be the envy of your friends in the sunshine. Your summer can be so much more with the model XS.

Telling short stories about the history of the product can also be a good method to create intrigue, while also adding a level of authenticity and trustworthiness to the online store.

Correct Formatting

Decide on how many words your product description needs to be. Between 150 and 300 words should be the minimum, for simple products where there isn’t a lot to say. For an expensive and complex product, aim for the 1000 mark. This may seem intimidating, but you really need to give specifics for complicated and technical products – but remember to explain the benefits of these features! Make sure to use paragraphs correctly. Don’t write more than 5 or 6 consecutive lines without a break. Customers don’t want to read a novel before they can decide if they want to buy!

Include A Call To Action

Finish off your product description with a strong call to action. This means that you are encouraging the reader to make the purchase. For example, if we were selling a fancy box of chocolates:

…Buy today and make that special day a little bit more special for your loved one.

You should also include any kind of offers or promotions currently running alongside the product. If you offer free shipping, mention it after the call to action. If it’s on sale, make that one of your bullet points. You have now hopefully learnt how to write product descriptions for your store! Following all of these tips when will improve your product descriptions no-end. Apply them to your store today and increase your sales numbers!


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