Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Starting a Blog

Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Starting a Blog

When I started this blog, I made countless mistakes. If you are starting a blog, you probably will too. Learning from your mistakes is great; learning from somebody else’s is even better! Avoid making some of the same blog mistakes I did by reading this article.

No Social Media – You need to be active on social media. Facebook is a great starting place. Create a page for your blog and post every article on there. Do not underestimate the importance here; you are building a brand remember!

No Email List – Before you have even launched you should have a system in place for capturing emails. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on your blog. Email marketing is a key part of retaining your readers, you have to be able to tell them about your new posts and market to them. Use MailChimp for free and one of many plug-ins to integrate an email sign-up box into your posts. Try Sumo and PopupAlly!

PopupAlly allows you to easily create and edit sign-up forms for your blog.

Inconsistency – Something I am guilty of more than I like to admit! You should decide on a posting schedule. Ideally, you will post weekly or at least fortnightly. Not posting consistently will damage how search engines rank your content, but also – you want your site to be full of content!

No About Page – An about page is an important part of your site. Your readers want to know about you and why they should trust your writing. Spend some time making a detailed about page that offers some insight into why you made the blog and what experience you have in the niche. Check out my about page here.

Bad Writing Style – Blog writing has evolved into a more conversational tone. This makes information easier to digest for your readers. Write as if you are speaking to your readers, do not write like an academic essay! Stay concise and pack your posts with information.

Failing to Test – Another rookie blog mistake! Before you launch, test your site thoroughly. Make sure all of your plugins are compatible, make sure your email sign-up actually works. If a reader comes across a broken site, they will simply click away – or even worse; somebody might want to sign-up to your list but be unable to do so!

Bad Hosting – Fast hosting is vital for both SEO and user experience. My recommendation is SiteGround – they are the best value for money whilst providing ultra-fast hosting on SSDs. Read more about hosting here.

Editing Obsession – Don’t spend months and months writing a single article – unless its a long-form post with lots of research required. If you find yourself editing a short post over and over – you’re probably over-thinking! Keep it simple, get your points across and don’t write anything irrelevant.

Reluctance to Write – Another symptom of over-thinking! You may struggle to start writing even though you have an idea for a post. The solution? Start writing. You can always edit it later once your ideas become clearer – although see above! Do not over-edit.

Not Researching Competitors – If you don’t do competitor research you won’t know what works for your niche. Use search engines to find similar websites and take notes on what they do well and what you can beat them on! However – Do not steal their content! Stealing content is not only a dick-move (and also potential copyright infringement) – but will also be punished by search engines ranking your page.


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