7 Ways To Increase Email Conversion

7 Ways To Increase Email Conversion

Having an email list you can market to is an important aspect of running a successful online business. Not only can you sell products to your list, but you can build a long-term following for your website. But getting your subscribers to open your emails is a different matter entirely. It may be disheartening to see such a small number of people opening something you’ve carefully written to them, but don’t worry – people open emails far less than you might imagine.

Head over to MailChimp to see the average open and click-through rates. You might be surprised to learn that most lists average around 20% open rate and 3% click-through rate (although it does vary depending on what industry you’re in). To put that into perspective, for every 1000 people on your list; expect 30 of them to open it.

If you haven’t got an email list yet, I would highly recommend MailChimp, which is completely free up to 2000 subscribers.

Here are 7 ways you can improve both your open and click-through rates.

  1. Call to Action – You need to encourage your readers to click on your content. For example, use a large button that says “READ MORE”.
  2. Ask a Question – Ask a question in the subject. This will cause the reader to think about what has been posed to them.
  3. Use Curiosity – Create a mini-story that will make the readers want to know the conclusion – which they can find by clicking on your link.

    This use of curiosity makes the reader want to learn more.

  4. Offer Genuine Value – If a reader clicks-through and reads something they find genuinely engaging, they are likely to click again next time.
  5. Vary LengthJust like with your blog posts, vary the length of your emails depending on your goals and what you’re promoting.
  6. Be Mobile-Friendly – In 2018, it is absolutely essential that your emails read well on mobile. The vast majority of people will be reading on their phones, and that number will only increase.
  7. Talk Directly To Your Audience – Use names and refer to yourself (“Get my free trial” rather than “Get your free trial”) This personal touch will increase your subscribers trust in you.


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