The 15 Best SEO Tips For Your Website

The 15 Best SEO Tips For Your Website

SEO should be ingrained into your website from the very beginning. Your site needs to be optimised for search engines so that you appear in search engine rankings and can build a source of organic traffic to your site. Here are the 15 best tips you should follow to improve your website’s SEO.


  1.  Smart keywords – it is much easier to rank for keywords that or 3 or more word in length. If you are building your SEO around short keywords, you are going to struggle.
  2.  Readability – Search engines will actually check the layout and interface of your site – make sure it is easy to use and well designed.
  3.  Adverts – Having a high amount of adverts on any given page will negatively impact your rankings. Besides, there are other ways to monetise a site without on-page ads!
  4.  Images – attaching at least one image to every page and article on your site will improve rankings.
  5.  Contact – Having a contact page helps search engines understand and verify the person behind a website.
  6.  Hosting – Ensure your site is hosted on a fast and reliable server. I recommend SiteGround for this (all of their hosting is on ultra-fast SSDs).
  7.  Niche – Your site needs to focus on one particular area, so it can be ranked as such. Search engines like to attach a general theme to a website.
  8.  Themes – a premium and responsive theme is a must. You can find a free one or browse some of the best paid ones here.

    Envato Theme Forest offers thousands of themes at every price point.

  9.  Link Structure – Have your permalink layout as “www.website.com/article” – This is the cleanest looking and best-ranking. Avoid dates or categories unless necessary.
  10.  Yoast SEO – This free plug-in will give you a major SEO boost and improve your rankings – check it out here.
  11.  Content – Your content needs to be in perfect English and high quality – no copy and pasting!
  12. Originality – If what you are posting is simply ripped from another site, you will be severely penalised. This is why you should never buy cheap articles in bulk – they will not be original.
  13.  Updating – Post or update your site at least once per week. Search engines want to check that a site is active.
  14.  Linking – Linking to other sites in your niche will actually help you as it will allow search engines to see the relevance of your site in comparison to others.
  15.  Post Variety – Switch up the length and style of content you post. Posts that are too similar will harm your SEO. Be sure to post a long-form post at least once in a while.


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