Reaching a large audience is the ultimate goal of creating online content – we always want more website traffic. Not only is it far more satisfying to have your content reach more people, but it will lead to an increase in revenue through ads or affiliate sales. Anyone running an online business should always look to increase the traffic to their site. Here are the top 10 ways you can increase traffic to your blog with minimal effort required.


  1. Advertise – It seems obvious, but paid advertising on Google and social media can lead to large amounts of traffic as long as you target the right keywords. This, combined with the fact that a quick search for advertising coupons (often google ads) means that you can create far reaching adverts that will target thousands for only a few dollars. This is an excellent way to get started if you haven’t advertised online before.
  2. Social Media – Have accounts on all your social networks and share your content on there. This in the long term will definitely increase not only your traffic but your trustability and your brand-awareness. You only need one article to get shared around a lot to lead to a permanent increase in your viewership. If your blog is image-heavy, be sure to have accounts on Instagram and Pintrest so you can share your imagery.

    Make sure you have many social media channels for your blog.

  3. Guest blogging – Find a blog with the same niche – preferably with a larger number of readers than your own – and try and guest blog for them. This situation is usually win-win as they get free quality content on their site while you will usually get a large number of readers clicking through to your site and possibly subscribing. Alternatively, find someone to guest blog on your site. Somebody with a large number of viewers will bring them across to read their content on your blog.
  4. SEO – the importance of strong Search Engine Optimisation can’t be overestimated. While most sites usually have a fair amount of work going into their SEO , ask yourself are you doing it for every single page and post? Use internal links and meta descriptions. If you’re on a blogging platform like WordPress, then there are multiple plug-ins which can help with this.
    Heres an example - our website. It is essential to have an optimised site for mobile viewership.

    Heres an example – our website. It is essential to have an optimised site for mobile viewership.

  5. Have a powerful website – Have a site which is both fast and responsive. It needs to look great on every platform, with fast loading times. Increasingly mobile viewing is slowly becoming the vast majority of viewership, and Google has no time for sites which don’t work on mobile. It’s essential to achieve a high ranking.
  6. Comment on other blogs – find other blogs in a similar niche and leave genuine comments on the quality of the content, or ask questions to engage with the writer. If you come across well in a comments section then people will likely click-through to your website. Make sure your comments don’t like anything like spam or this will have a negative effect on your traffic!
  7. Vary your content – By writing content that is both different lengths and styles, you come across as more attractive to a variety of readers. Perhaps you could start writing smaller pieces on news related to your niche. It is also good practice as a writer and will improve your skills to be able to change up your content.
  8. Regular Content – make sure you post at least once a week to your blog. The more regularly you update your site, the higher google ranks it. More content also means more chances for readers to stumble upon your blog by searching for your keyword. Combine this with the previous tip, you don’t have to write 2000 word posts every few days!
  9. Use original photos or graphics – If you are photoshop savvy, create graphics for your posts, If you have a blog where you can include your own photos, be sure to include them. This is because original images add another source of traffic via google images or other image search engines. If you allow the use of your imagery with a re-use notice asking the image be linked back to your blog, then you are creating your own backlinks which will vastly increase your SEO.
    This is an original graphic.

    This is an original graphic.

  10.  Reference your other content in posts – Make sure you include links to other relevant articles in your posts, this way, if a reader is impressed with your article, they will likely want to read more of what you have to say. It can also be advisable to link to other  external relevant content, theres no harm in promoting other quality content and the favour may be returned!


Try to apply as many of these 10 tips as possible to increase your traffic. Remember, increasing your viewership is not an overnight job and most of these steps will merely help you increase your audience in the long term. If you are looking for a sudden boost in traffic then contact other blogs and try to guest on their blog or vice versa, but remember you will need a quality blog with a respectable amount of traffic for this to be worthwhile for the other party.


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