Which Shopify Plan Should I Use?

Which Shopify Plan Should I Use?

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Shopify is the world-leading e-commerce platform and the service you should consider when making an online store. You may have noticed there are different types of Shopify subscriptions, each with different features. This article will help you decide which best suits your needs, whether you are planning to dropship some goods on the side or launch a major online store to accompany your regular business.

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Shopify Lite – $9 per month

Shopify lite allows you to sell through Facebook, without having your own website attached. The plan is cheap because it is missing a lot of functionality, but will still allow you to make sales. The built-in store is optimised for mobile and will integrate seamlessly into your page. This is perfect for a large Facebook page that wants to start selling to its audience. Without having a large Facebook page, it’s usefulness is limited as you will not have the audience to sell to. This plan also lets you link to your Facebook shop with “buy now” buttons showcasing your products on other websites.

These are the buy-buttons you can use to link to your store with Shopify Lite.

Basic Shopify – $29 per month
This is the standard Shopify plan, despite its name. This allows you to create your own store with Shopify’s hosting – you don’t need separate web hosting to run a shopify store – you get access to all of Shopify’s plug-ins, with up to two staff accounts and unlimited products on your store. This is the go-to subscription if you are planning to open an online store as a side-hustle. Perfect for dropshipping or filling with your own products to sell online. You can offer discount codes and set shipping rates based on weight. You get to design your store and make it look and run exactly as you want it to.

Shopify – $79 per month
This plan is tailored towards those running a small business who are looking to giving themselves an online presence. Up to 5 staff accounts means the store can be managed by a small group each with their own log-in credentials. This version also allows you to sell gift-cards and will let you view high-end detailed reports on your store. These features are missing from Shopify basic. This version also has more advanced features for integration with a retail store, another reason I recommend it if you are looking to bring a retail store online with Shopify.

Advanced Shopify – $299 a month
This heavyweight plan is aimed at large businesses who are likely moving their online operations to Shopify for convenience. The type of user who goes for this plan will likely be part of a large organisation who will already have an online presence. This version allows up to 15 staff accounts and has lower transaction fees because businesses on this plan will get large volumes of sales every month. This version offers detailed analytics to grow your operations that are only valuable to very high traffic stores. This plan has a more professional shipping integration as businesses of this size will likely have their own shipping rates negotiated directly.

Take into account that each main Shopify plan has different transaction fees. You can see the comparison of fees in the table below.

Compare the transaction fees for each subscription level here.

Shopify Plus – Price Upon Request
Shopify plus exists for ultra-high volume businesses. This plan is served on a per-request basis at a negotiated price. This plan is for businesses who have extremely large volume sales and whose revenue comes almost exclusively through their online store. You might have heard that Kylie Jenner’s billion dollar cosmetics company is run through Shopify – this is the plan that her business will use.

In conclusion, unless you are already running a business that you are trying to bring online, the Shopify Basic plan will likely suit your needs. Shopify lite may seem better value but remember that Shopify basic doubles-up as web-hosting and has a ton of features that you won’t be able to access with lite. However, if you run a large facebook page and want to start selling to your audience, Shopify lite is perfect. If you run a business already and are looking to start selling online, Shopify’s mid-range plan will likely suit your needs far better than the basic plan and will allow multiple staff members access to the site.

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