Fiverr is great. For new online business start-ups, its especially great. I’d go as far as to say if you’re outsourcing elsewhere at the start of your online ventures, you’re doing it all wrong. It’s that simple, you can get a truly remarkable amount of tasks done for you for a measly $5. We live in a world with a fast growing gig-economy where, increasingly, people look to make money on separately outside of their normal job. Sites like Fiverr allow the offering of freelancing services with minimal set up and good exposure. When starting up an online business, Fiverr should be your first port of call for any outsourcing you need done, simply due to the price and the guarantee of quality work – provided you’re purchasing from well-rated sellers.

Why pay $500 for a logo when you can get one for $5?

What’s so great about Fiverr is the variety of services you can purchase and the number of sellers offering services. Logo? Done. Website setup? Easy. SEO? There’s a whole section dedicated to it. You can even outsource your content on Fiverr if you want things to be truly autopilot. Many of the sellers are based in countries where $5 goes much further than in western countries, which should alleviate any guilt you feel about paying so little for quality work. Make sure you filter the price down for the best value!


On the other side of things, Fiverr also allows you to sell your services. I personally used to sell an image resizing gig which got multiple sales! It can be a great way to get freelance graphic design and writing work. Many people have built a successful online business through Fiverr, getting hundreds of orders per month. Make sure your keywords are up to scratch when creating a gig to sell, as this is key to getting exposure on search results.


Check out Fiverr today and get a cheap logo made for your online startup!


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